Since there are more people who own mobile phones and make use of them daily than full time Internet users, magazine readers or peoplewho have TV, the mobile phone market is the largest single target. Globally, there are around eleven times more mobile handsets than there are Internet access points. This means that more people can be reached via SMS than with e-mail or fax communications.

SMS texting is an easy, cost-effective and the cheapest method to communicate with any mobile audience. SMS messaging reduces both money and time of communication. The fact that SMS also can be sent out in bulk to large groups of recipients in a manual or automated manner further means that fewer resources are required to accomplish the communication.

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I purchased phpMyDataGrid Professional and I am pleased with the software and support. As of such, I would like to leave some positive feedback.
* I received the software within a couple of hours via an e-mail attachment.
* The software worked perfectly, aside from one item (discussed next).
* Support solved the one item within one business day.
* Example source code was included, as requested.
For the time that it saved me, this software is definitely worthwhile.

Dustin Edwards - USA

Wonderfull product, Great Support! 100% recommended

Kevin Meyer - USA


What differences exist between phpMyDataGrid Encoded and phpMyDataGrid Full?

The only difference is that in the encoded version you can not view or edit the code in the library.

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