phpMyDataGrid Ultimate

phpMyDataGrid Ultimate offers a set of tools to easily build DataGrids in an environment based on PHP, allowing the programmer, build and distribute with very few lines of code and in a short period of time, a complete DataGrid with AJAX technology, that will allow you to paginate, search, sort and more, much more ...


TreeGrids (Nested Grids)

Create Nested Grids is as easy as add one line of code for each grid. The nested grids are 100% functional and work as an independent Grid, allowing to add, modify, delete, query, and much more.

Multiple Grids

Manage multiple grids is very easy. Our library is responsible for automatically detecting on which grid the user is working.

Inline Edition

Users now do not have to refresh the page or load new options to change the information, simply click on the text to be modified.

Righ click menu

As if it were a desktop application, phpMyDataGrid Ultimate allows the use of right mouse button to work more efficiently.


By using few CSS commands, you may customize the colors of phpMyDataGrid Ultimate to look like your own app, or simply, you may choose one of our pre-defined skins

Export your data

As easy as code one line. This is only what you need to activate options to export to XLS, CSV, XML, PDF or printer friendly format

Data validation

Easily validate user inputs and show a message telling them what is wrong

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Remarkeable software and easy to use. The strongest point is the high quality support offered by Gurusistemas which makes phpMyDataGrid the best PHP add-on I have found.

Martyn Walker - South Africa

Your class is simply cool!

Larry Boehm - Germany


What differences exist between phpMyDataGrid Encoded and phpMyDataGrid Full?

The only difference is that in the encoded version you can not view or edit the code in the library.

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Supported Databases

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